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"I’ve worked with Richard Hoare for eight years. I’ve been consistently happy with his very high standard of work and attention to detail. His forward thinking approach fits perfectly with my fast-paced production schedule."
Mark Ralph
"Richard Hoare is among the most kind, diligent, loyal, creative people to roam the earth. AND HE'S A LAWYER."
Dave Okumu / The Invisible
"I've been lucky to have had 10 years of loyal representation from this exceptionally smart and thoughtful lawyer, liked and well-respected by so many in the industry."
Mara Carlyle
"Richard has represented me across all avenues of my music business - from my artist deals to a full brand license for my label Aus Music (to !K7). I can't recommend him enough. He finds innovative solutions to problems and is my first point of contact whenever the shit hits the fan."
Will Saul
"Richard is an innovative thinker befitting the modern music industry and has an artist-centred outlook second to none."
Black Acre
"Everybody has won and all must have prizes."
The Dodo, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland